First Impressions | Pedi Roller

by - 04:08:00

So guess what came in the post this morning after ordering on the 10th of June? My PediRoller! I've been lusting over smooth and soft feet for a while and having seen the Scholl Pedi Roller advertised on TV, made a mental note to buy after pay day.

However, a recent BBQ with friends resulted into some girl friends of mine practically forcing me to download Wowcher due to it's "amazingness". You can probably see where this is going. I instantly became hooked, I mean everything is just so CHEAP. So what did I find? A PediRoller on Wowcher for £7.99 - it's original seller and dispatcher being SalonBoxed! I mean, it's not a Scholl one, but at that price I just had to order it. So here I am, too many days later, finally with it here in my hands.

Stealing the batteries from the TV remote controls (we're all out, and our man draw is full of misleading empty batteries that don't work anymore but someone keeps putting them back in there) I immediately turned it on to give it a spin. Oooo it made such a strange sound and it seems to spin fast enough, and when testing it on my feet I found that if you push down too hard it stops. Now that might be a bit of a problem as my feet are in need of some extremely tough buffing. However after a few minutes I got the hang of using it without much pressure to file away the dead skin - although I must say it felt like I was going to be there forever using it so lightly and slowly. 

However, I should really give it a chance and schedule away a time slot so I can sit down and have a really intense session with. I'll let you know the results!


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